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Why are we doing the project? (value and purpose)

What does it do? (scope and Definition)

Who cares? (stakeholders and decision makers)

say hello and kick around

thank you for visiting. We are not sure how this is going to go and have great hopes that lots of people find use of the content and discussions that take place here at It has been a labor of love by a few staff this far and we hope all of it adds to the general effectiveness and strategy of progressive campaigns.

We expect this to be mostly a small dedicated community of people working to do campaign planning, communications training, field organizing, online strategy and all the activites with pushing and agitating for social change. We hope this provides key content, case studies, tip sheets and an introduction to new strategy of organizing and supporting social change by thinking about network organizing on a new grander and more powerful scale.

Sign up and we will invite you to the trainings (to be a trainer and participate). Looks us up when you are in DC and feel free to call us at the office.

Howdy from Arthur

Just wanted to introduce myself, this Arthur Coulston, Online Organizer for Energy Action Coalition. Im a huge network wonk and am excited that this resource is getting put together. I am hoping to find some time to contribute to a couple pages...

- Shared Resources and Fundraising (Energy Action Coalition coordinates 22 partner organizations on collaborative fund raising).

- A case study for Energy Action Coalition

- And any other pages that need some help. Any suggestions?

I can be contacted at arthur.coulston [at] if anyone wants to get a hold of me. Would be great to hear who else is working on the site, how about some intros.