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How to get involved

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How to get involved

Send an email to kearns AT with network Advocacy wiki in the subject line. Tell me about your experience as it relates to what you want to do on the project and how much time you might be able to kick in to help.

We are looking for people to:

  • Review content
  • Garden (clean and organize content)
  • Interview practitioners, experts and advocates
  • "Road test" parts of the content to give us more feedback
  • Help us make sure the content is accessible to wide audiences
  • Add multimedia like photos and Youtube - to make the wiki look less wiki
  • Fund testing of the training program

Why a Wiki?

Quite simply, it is the simplest online database that can work It's open and any reader can edit it as they see fit. Moreover, it permits organic growth as all pages are open to editing and evolution and as people start working together it enables trust building between editors and sharing of information. Wiki in Plain English Video

<youtube v="-dnL00TdmLY">

People to Review Content

Does the content page make sense to you. Are there mistakes or problems with the structure, content, copy or research used to make a point? Is there a better way to communicate difficult concepts? Is there a better example? Is there an example that will help a particular audience understand the point more clearly? Are we missing something important?

Wiki Gardners

Skills: Familiar with use of wikis (like wikipedia), and attention to detail. Good with grammar and spelling. Tasks: check the wiki on a regular basis for formatting problems, vandalism, etc... and cleaning it up. Weeding and organizing the garden that is this wiki.

People to do Interviews

We draw heavily on examples to connect people to the concepts we discuss on these pages. Each example could always use a few more facts or a few more details that make it easier for someone to understand. We are looking for volunteers that we can "unleash" on critical stories to ask people about experiences and techniques. Send us an email and we will ask you and others to join in buildding unique case studies on cutting edge network-centric campaigns.

Road Testers

The wiki is sprinkled with little modules and papers and step-by step instructions that we have run and documented. It would be great to make sure our guides work and exercies take the participants along the right learning path. Do us a favor and help us road test some of the materials on the site with larger audiences. What works and what does not?