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Questions for Robert

I've added article pages, but they're not appearing at the bottom of the category page they're listed to. also, how do we add titles - it appears to stay named "New Page".

how do we add a little call out box in the text like a sidebar or a quote...(I am still looking for examples..)

Tricks from Karen, Marty on working on the mediawiki...

Style guide in process at end of this page - please keep adding content...

How do I create a new page? use a bracket, and another bracket. Type your title. Then close bracket and close bracket "new page " = new page

How do I fix navigation? Any info on this? I'm seeing how to create new pages, but they won't be useful until others can see them too.

Creating text boxes of particular width and/or placement:

Code: (I'm substituting the word 'carrot' for the first < to force display of the correct code):

carrotdivstyle="width:30%; float:right;">
  • Change the % to indicate how wide you want the box. This is working on all other pages - just not on this one. Will try to figure that out...
test text box text

Creating links within text boxes:

1. Solution for adding links to pre-formatted text:

OPENCARROTdiv class="pre" style="width:30%; float:right;">

New on the site this week (March 31): conversation on 'Lurkers'


Do not use the OPENCARROTpre></pre> tag.

Instead, begin your line with one space ( New on the ...) This will automatically make the text preformatted.

If you want to use div tags for positioning and width, just make sure they are on a separate line, as above.

Example Table

The table's caption
Column heading 1 Column heading 2 Column heading 3
Row heading 1 Cell 2 Cell 3
Row heading A Cell B Cell C

Test Google Calendar

Test FlickrSlidr

Test YouTube Video

Test RSS Feed - seems to get updated only when the page is edited.

BBC News - World

The latest stories from the World section of the BBC News web site.

Wiki style guide

Each of the main content types is a “category”. Categories in turn have “articles” listed underneath them. Articles can be cross posted on multiple categories.

Saving pages: Remember to save all changes and edits. Site does not automatically prompt saving changes.

Category content: Only site administrators are intended to add categories. Should we get to the point where users are adding them, we’ll figure out how to handle this (point: permission isn’t turned off, instructions just aren’t being offered). Each category should include the following content:

  • Definition
  • Tips on diagnosing
  • Tips on how to build
  • Examples (linked through the “articles” pages)


  • Main clusters of content should be introduced by H1 headings. This inherently creates a Table of Contents at the top of each page.
  • Headings follow this style: “Action Steps: Building your social ties:”. Heading “type” (in this case “Action Steps”) is capitalized. Only first word and proper nouns are capitalized in the rest of the title.
  • Tip: Remember to make headings fun, snappy and short.


  • Use internal and external links liberally.
  • Reference sources, dates and titles whenever possible.
  • Examples of good link formatting:

o Check out the Homeless Nation website.

o Read the 12/12 blog post on Facebook security the Networked Advocacy blog.

o Read the Peace and Security Initiative case study on strengthening network leadership (Networked Advocacy “Leadership” page).

  • Examples of bad link formatting:

o Read more. (What’s the destination? If it’s not concretely clear in surrounding text, this doesn’t work.)

o Read more on the website. (What website? No destination clear.)

o Read the article on Marty’s blog. (What article? There are hundreds. Include title or date.)

Uploading files:


  • Use photos and embeddable media whenever possible.
  • Right justify photos, making text wrap around the image.
  • Typical format:
    Sports fans have a great network ties with common sport talk radio, fantasy leagues and ease of getting conversation going

TWO BRACKETS Image:school_friends.jpg|right|What brings us to the table? Network members share a common story. END WITH TWO BRACKETS (Brackets spelled out so you can see the code)

o “school_friends.hi.jpg” is the name of the uploaded file.

o “right” suggests justification.

o explanation makes photo accessible to viewers with webreaders/who can’t see images.